Development of teaching-material for German classes from volunteers with Asylum-seekers

The Projekt « Deutschkurs in der Box » is a project running from October 2015 until June 2017 at the Technische Universität Berlin. Students can join the project every semester.

Our idea is to build a box, which would contain teaching-material (posters, pictures, games, guidelines…) for volunteers who want to support asylum-seeking people in learning German. We noticed, from personal experience, that many volunteers need and would use this teaching help. Often, they do not know what they should teach, how they can give a fun and structured class, or how they can meet the needs and wishes of the German-learning people in front of them. Those free (or very low cost classes) classes are very special, since the German-„teachers“ are rarely professionals, who usually do not have much time to prepare their classes beforehand. Often, it is even not really possible to prepare them because one never knows for sure who their pupils are going to be, nor the various levels of said pupils. Moreover, the German-learning people are from different countries, cultures, academic backgrounds and their knowledge of the latin Alphabetis very diverse.

Hence the idea is to build a box, which could be ordered online for a small amount of money. We hope that with such an offer, there are going to be more German-speaking people willing to give free German classes. We do not want to make any personal profit with the final product, and we want the material to be as open as possible with a Creative Common Licence.

We welcome every Student, with our without experience with this kind of „non-professional“ German classes, as a learning or teaching person to join us next semester to work in an interdisciplinary project with a real-life impact!

‼ We do not give any German classes in the project, but we want to build support material for the volunteering German teachers. Therefore, you will not learn German with us but you can work with German-speaking people and bring in your ideas to support volunteers, especially if you have your own experience with this kind of classes !

If you are interested in joining us next semester, contact us at, we would be very glad to hear from you !