Einführungsverantstaltung neues Semester 20.04.17

Dear Students,
you are invited to join our project „Deutschkurs in der Box“ in this last semester!
Find more about who we are on: http://www.deutschkursinderbox.de/
You can see also see some information here : Vorlesungsverzeichnis.
If you want to participate, please come to ONE of our two introduction meetings (Einführungsverantstaltung) on:
Wednesday 19th at 18h Marchstraße 23 – MAR 2.057
Thursday the 20th at 18h Marchstraße 23 – MAR 2.057
You just need to attend at ONE of the meetings. If you could not attend to the meetings but you want to participate this semester, please send us an Email as soon as possible before the 25th of April!

We are looking forward to meet you!


Tarek & Lucia

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